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Students who are currently living on campus can sign up for an available residence hall room, University-owned house, an apartment at University Apartments or Arlington Park Apartments for the Academic Year 2015-2016. You can do one of the following:

  • If you currently live on campus and would like to sign up for your SAME SPACE for the 2015-2016 academic year, you will be able to login Monday, February 2nd at 7 AM through Tuesday, February 3rd at midnight to assign yourself to your room. (Printable instructions for Claim Your Same Space)

    • Note: Students that currently live on a residential community floor can not sign up for the same room next year. These floors are for incoming Freshmen students only. However, if you lived in a residential learning community this year and enjoyed the camaraderie of your fellow students, try chatting with others from your community that also want to live on campus again. Select another floor within the building or another building altogether and start your own community next year!

  • If you currently live on campus and would like to sign up for a DIFFERENT SPACE for the 2015-2016 academic year, you will be able to login Thursday, February 5th at 7 AM through February 6th at midnight to assign yourself to a different room. (Printable instructions for Claim a Different Space)

  • If you would like to live at either University Apartments or Arlington Park Apartments, you would fill out a lease during this time. More information will be available through the main offices at University Apartments and Arlington Park when it is closer to February.

Residential communities that may interest you:

  • Pet friendly - Students in this community will have the privilege of having pets live with them in Lawrenson Hall. This community is limited to dogs and cats and there are specific restrictions. All pets must be approved by the Housing & Residential Education Department before being brought to campus. Students are limited to one pet per bedroom and are required to either buy out their bedroom or have a roommate that agrees to the terms and conditions of living in this community.
  • Gender Inclusive Housing Program- This community allows students of different genders to live together in the same room. The gender inclusive housing option is ideal for students whose gender identification and/or gender expression varies from the binary gender paradigm. It is also for students that are uncomfortable living with a roommate of the same biological sex.

Please visit our web pages for more information about the places to live on campus. You can also contact the Housing & Residential Education office at 970-351-2721 or contact us via e-mail at

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