Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Students at the University of Northern Colorado are expected to comply with all Housing & Residential Education Standards of Conduct and policies printed in the Housing & Residential Education Student Handbook along with the UNC Code of Conduct. Housing & Residential Education policies are designed to promote an academically purposeful, safe and comfortable environment within all residence halls. The HRE policies also pertain to the campus dining rooms.

As a student progresses through the disciplinary process, or repeatedly chooses to violate policies, potential sanctions may become more severe. In addition, the conduct hearing may be heard at progressively higher levels of Housing & Residential Education along with Dean of Students administration. The conduct system is a framework for the discipline process to ensure that residence hall communities are built around personal growth, positive community development, and respect. For more information concerning policies for the UNC Residence Halls and the conduct process, please review the Housing & Residential Education Handbook.

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is located in Decker Hall and can be contacted by calling 970-351-2001.


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